Digital Art Requirements for Printing on Garments 

Minimum specifications are required to achieve good print results. Please follow the instructions below. If you need help creating art, please feel free to call or visit us and we will guide you through the process. 

If you are ready to send your file, please e-mail us if the file is less than 10MB or fill out the SEND A FILE FORM.
We are fluent in the following industry standard applications: 

  COREL DRAW - our preferred file format. Convert text to Curves or provide font. Save as .cdr file. 
  ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR - Convert text to Outline or provide font. Save as .ai file. 
  ADOBE PHOTOSHOP - Please do not flatten layers as some adjustments may be needed.
  Other file types that may work: .pdf, .bmp, .eps

  Whenever possible, please convert any fonts to paths/outlines and provide any linked images. 
  Generally, raster or bitmap images like those created in Photoshop,should be created at 300+ dpi and at the physical size you intend to print. 

When sending a PHOTOSHOP file it is important to note:

  Files should be saved in .TIFF or .PSD formats. 
  NO .GIF or .JPG files for separation purposes. Send additional .JPG version of file to communicate color representation if file does not display color the way you want it printed. 
  Resolutions should be 300 dpi at initial creation of file at the final print size. 
  Send a printed color hard copy to use as a “proof” that will be used in the separation process since all monitors are different. 
  Compress large files ( over 100 MB ) using Stuff-it or Winzip. You can send files up to 100MB here: SEND A FILE FORM.
  Please provide both a flattened version and one that is not flattened. 

When sending a Corel Draw or Illustrator file for spot color printing please note: 

  All colors must be converted to spot colors with correct Panotone #s. 
  All fonts must be converted to outlines or curves. 
  Please submit files with images sized for printing. 

Other Considerations:
Placing a scanned image (or an image created in another program) into an Illustrator file does not make the file a vector file. 

Web graphic files downloaded from the web are low quality. .JPGS, .BMPS, .TIFS, GIFS, and other non-vector files that are less than 1 MB in file size are probably of poor quality. Please email us the file to consult.