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Anthony Schofield, Owner
As an graphic artist, who carefully studied the market and cultivated relationships within it, Schofield began to notice an obvious gap — brands had either become so mainstream that they had lost virtually all of their meaning, or they were so exclusive that they were prohibitive and out of reach for all but a handful of consumers. So he came up with the idea for Carve Clothing, which has emerged as one of the nation’s fastest-growing apparel and accessories brands, with a carefree spirit embodied by its products, a slick-but-authentic video and social-media strategy, and hand-picked celebrity collaborations across music, sports, and fashion. With access to a network of savvy business people all around him, Schofield began to observe the way deals were made, the power of product placement and integrated marketing, and what it takes to grow personal and professional brands. He began dabbling in related projects like T-shirts and music production. The concept was simple, but almost glaringly absent from the burgeoning streetwear industry — create a brand that was edgy but engaging, stayed true to its values but remained attainable to the masses. The goal was to celebrate, and empower, the young entrepreneurs, thrill-seekers, and game-changers around the world.

Schofield saw an opportunity, in the marketplace, ripe for marketing integration. In 2009, he began brainstorming names, created a logo and designs, and took care of all the loose ends that come with launching a company.
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