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Spot sublimation is the most cost effective sublimation print we offer. To create your spot sublimation shirts we print an image up to 11″x17″ on to a blank shirt. As with all sublimation we recommend that you print this image on a white shirt as the dye sub inks are transparent and need the white underbase of the shirt in order to display the correct color. But, with spot sublimation you can print on other colors so long as you take the shirt color into consideration with your artwork. Remember, there are no white sublimation dyes so the only way to get the color white into your design is by printing on a white shirt.

Spot Sublimation Printing

                 Shirt Brand ( 1-11 )(12-23)( 24-47)( 48-71)( 72-100) 100+

Gildan Performance Tee $16.68 $15.68 $14.68 $13.68 $12.68 $11.68
Jerzee Athletic Tee $18.98 $17.98 $16.98 $16.48 $16.18 $15.73
Hanes Athletic Sport T $19 $18 $17 $16.50 $16.20 $15.75
Second Side Printing +$7.00 +$6.00 +$5.00 +$4.50 +$4.20 +$4.00
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